Comparison of Learning Classical Singing Between European and Chinese Singers

Zhong Jun Shen

Two musical worlds collide when East meets West in the new book Comparison of Learning Classical Singing Between European and Chinese Singers. Zhong Jun Shen puts her training and knowledge of European opera and lieder together with her Chinese background to write this fascinating work that incisively shows the differences between the two forms of classical music. Peter Simon helps her as an interpreter, accompanist and opera enthusiast to put her text into a highly informative book to help emerging Chinese opera singers and their teachers grapple with the differences of singing techniques, languages and cultures. The tremendous cultural and language differences presented obstacles in writing this book, but a love for music conquered all. About the Authors: Zhong Jun Shen and Peter Simon have both been teachers and used their life experiences to write this book. Shen grew up and graduated as a European opera singer in Xian, North China, and in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and taught singing in South China. Born in Hungary, Simon taught English there and in China. They both live in the Netherlands. Author website: Publisher's website:

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