Why You Should Be Marketing Your Book Online

In the same way that more and more traditional publishers are going the way of the dinosaur, so are their tired old methods of book promotion. Though it may not seem as glamorous as giving a book talk or doing a signing, online marketing can truly be the most effective way for you to generate buzz and increase your book sales.

Don’t believe me? Try this exercise next time you are in your car on your way to work listening to a morning talk radio show. (If you even do that anymore – I know I have so many backlogged podcasts of This American Life on my iPod I pretty much never flip through stations if I am stuck in traffic) Listen to whatever talk interview happens to be on and when you get yourself home or to your office, try and remember the name of that interviewee. It’s not so easy.

So imagine the percentage of people who even listen to the radio, subtract the number of people who happen to tune into a particular show, subtract from that the number of people who happen to catch that interview segment, subtract from that the number of people who care to remember or write down the name of the person being interviewed, subtract from that the number of people who would happen to Google that name and find their website….you are left with about 2 or 3 people tops who even make it to your website – let alone decide to purchase your book once they are actually there.

Interviews and appearances are fleeting, but links are forever. Once someone reviews your book online, the link to your site or sales page remains there and helps you and your site to rank higher with search engines and increase the likelihood that someone stumbles upon your site. Not to mention the fact that there is a reason this is called VIRAL marketing. Bloggers and networks of people in the Twitterverse all talk with each other all day long so when something of note happens in the online community, everyone knows about it – instantly. No waiting for two month lead times, editorial calendar matchups, or someone’s assistant to get back from vacation.

WE know Published.com is THE place for authors and publisher to connect with readers and bloggers, but we understand there are other great tools out there that will help you promote your book.

Okay, now you’re convinced so let’s get started:

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