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How Provides Book Promotion & How You Can Benefit From It works in slightly different ways, depending on who you are.

We're one of the oldest online book directories. We started helping authors and publishers with book promotion in 1997. The Internet is different than it was back then and so are we.

The core of what we do is to help authors and publishers get their books noticed by reviewers, bloggers and readers. As wonderful secondary result is that we developed fun and interesting ways to get bloggers, reviewers, and readers interested in checking the books listed on that match their particular interest level.


How Works For Authors & Publishers

You can join for free. During the sign up process you provide the ISBN number of your book(s) and if it's listed on, the book cover, book description, and other details will automatically appear (you will be able to make changes if you wish). You can also provide links to Amazon,, your own website, and other places where your book can be purchased online. There is also space for you to put links to reviews, your Facebook page, and more. Click here to see a sample profile.

Because we're a genre directory, we list your book by genre and sub-genre. Our directory has genre specific pages (sort of like sub-homepages within our site)

At paid membership levels authors and publishers get opportunities:

  • To feature their books on these genre specific pages,
  • Participate in book-giveaways contests where readers who want a chance to win a free copy of your book, have to come to your profile page; and
  • Have their books pitched to our database of reviewers and bloggers who are looking to review and write about certain types of genres.


For Bloggers & Reviewers

You can join for free

During the sign up process you tell us what type of books you'd be interested in reviewing and we start paring you up with authors and publishers who want their books reviewed.

If you have an active blog and review at least books from, you are eligible to enter our Blog Your Way To a Book Deal contest. The winner receives a royalty-paying book publishing contract, national distribution, a sales team pitching your book to major book retailers, and a full publicity campaign from Bascom Hill Publishing Group.


For Readers

You can join for free

During the sign up process you tell us what type of books you like to read and when we will then email you notices when a book in one of your favorite genres is being given away for free. Usually publishers and authors only give away a finite number of books, so if you're interested in receiving a free copy, respond quickly.

Once you've read and reviewed three books from the directory and post a review, you'll be entered to win an all-expense paid trip to the Mall of America in Minneapolis, MN to attend a book signing of your choice.

Learn more about the benefits of joining or Join Now.


For Publishing Resources gets thousands of monthly visits from unpublished authors. That is why we have sections of our site devoted to book publishing and book printing. If you provide book publishing, printing, editing, marketing or other services that may be of interest to unpublished authors, published authors, or publishing companies, you can list your services in our directory.

Each service within the directory has opportunities for sponsorship and for guaranteed placement. For more information, please contact our business development team at

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