A Novel of a Catastrophic Future

Paul Boerger

Slung amongst the decomposing bodies and wreckage in the plague-stricken Chinese village was a cheery banner: To Tzu, Good fortune on your journey to America. This was it. This was all the evidence CDC researcher Sandra Stone needed to know that the deadly virus had jumped to humans—and it was headed to the United States.

In the year 2020, the effects of global warming have made the Arctic Ocean free of ice. In the United States, Atlanta, Georgia, has been thrust into permanent winter, and never-ending rains over the heartland force survivors to escape to higher and higher ground. Simultaneously, overpopulation has made a perfect breeding ground for disease to cause deadly destruction. And it’s here, threatening to crush global infrastructure and leave few survivors, the last relics of a golden age who must battle an ever-worsening climate.

In the year 2220, historian Jules Grogan speculates only a few million people are left. “Is it intrinsic in our genetic makeup,” he wonders, “that we destroy ourselves as part of nature’s design.” Toggling between a future too close for comfort and a more distant age two hundred years after the collapse, Convergence follows scientists, politicians, soldiers and everyday people battling an environmental apocalypse and a catastrophic pandemic. In the future, survivors look to the past to understand how they inherited a decimated planet. But with ancient troubles resurfacing generations after the virus, humanity is left to question whether the human race is meant to survive.

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