Pieces Missing - A Family's Journey of Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury

Larry C. Kerpelman

In Pieces Missing: A Family's Journey of Recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury, author Larry Kerpelman tells his wife Joanie's story as it happens. You will watch and feel as she is hospitalized after a freak accident, faces dysfunction and possibly death, undergoes surgery, and, over the course of a year, recovers the pieces missing from her memory, speech, and confidence.

This book is more than the story of one person's recovery from a brain injury. It is a story of how a marriage and family persevered and survived the biggest crisis of their lives. Woven into it are discussions of the inadequacies within the health care system that Larry and Joanie faced along with valuable information about traumatic brain injury for anyone dealing with the aftermath of such an injury.

Whether you or a loved one has been affected by traumatic brain injury, or you wish to understand how the human spirit deals with adversity, this memoir of love, hope, family, and recovery will teach and inspire you.

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