Your Business and Your Life: Strategies for Professionals

William McCallister

Your Business and Your Life covers four important, and often overlooked, areas that many professionals struggle with daily time and efficiency, burnout, management, and marketing and offers practical advice that can be applied immediately. Contrary to the tone of most business books, Dr. McCallister treats you like a colleague rather than a student forced to endure a lecture. Having spent hundreds of hours counseling and coaching business professionals, he knows to skip the business school jargon and relate his concepts to real-world situations. More than a how-to guide, Your Business and Your Life addresses the connection between personal and professional life, and offers strategies for finding happiness at work and home. Of course, it isn t always possible to remain happy and positive, just as it isn t possible to succeed at every endeavor. Thankfully, Dr. McCallister offers illuminating advice on how to find the light of new opportunities during the darkness of disaster. With Your Business and Your Life you ll benefit from years of in-the-field experience and learn all the things they never taught you in school.

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